Reel Women-Reel Men of Indianapolis


           Patti Beasley                                        
  •  Producer of "Indiana On The Fly"  fly fishing show in Indianapolis           
  • Graduate of the Women's Fly Fishing School-Anchorage, Alaska
  • Graduate of the Joan Wulff Instructor School-Catskill, New York
  • Founder and President of Reel Women- Reel Men Fly Fishing Club
  • Fly Fishing Instructor for BOW Program in Indiana
  • Supporter and Fund Raiser for Casting For Recovery
  • River Helper for Casting For Recovery Retreats
  • Life Time Member of Trout Unlimited
  • Member of the International Women Fly Fishers
  • Member of Federation of Fly Fishers

                  FLY CASTING LESSONS:

Private Fly Casting Lessons are an excellent way to begin the sport of fly fishing, and get you casting and catching fish quickly.

This program is designed to introduce you to casting and also how to use different fishing techniques effectively. The method used is the Joan Wulff Casting method, which teaches you the proper mechanics of casting, enabling you to progress through the stages of casting and ultimately reaching your casting goals.

Various Wulff tools are used to help you gain a clear understanding of the casting objectives.

Along with this method I have also incorporated fishing techniques to build confidence in  casting to a fish, proper hook set as well as playing and landing a fish correctly.  I strongly urge and encourage catch and release methods that are safe and best for the fish. 

I offer private lessons on a private pond, scheduled at your convenience. 

Lessons introduce you to equipment, roll cast and basic cast on still water with the option for stream fishing for more advanced students.

You may choose the 5 lesson program or you may choose a single lesson only.

The cost for the 5 lesson program is $200 and $50 for a single lesson. Lessons are one hour long and may be held in light rain.

All equipment will be provided. It is my goal to assist you in every way possible in making good equipment selection and make your introduction to the  fly fishing world comfortable and enjoyable.

Men, Women and Children are welcome.

Please contact me if you have any further questions or to schedule your first lesson.

Looking forward to working with you!

Patti Beasley                                                                  


or e-mail me at: